Welcome to my worlds.

I have been writing since I was a teenager, but stories and poems have been a love of mine all my life. Even before I could read, I loved books. Few things in life are as influential as the stories and music we experience as young children, and for me the early exposure to fantasy like Dr. Seuss, fairy tales, and The Chronicles of Narnia drew me inexorably toward the delight of my imagination.

Once I began writing my own poems and stories, I never stopped. Words always popped into my head wherever I went, and ideas came to me readily without any apparent influence. I could be washing dishes or having a mundane conversation when thoughts would bubble into my head, compelling me to write. For years I wrote without publishing, believing I was only writing for myself.

Eventually I began to realize I needed to share my stories and poems, and I began to submit my work to publishers. After a few small credits to my name, I came to realize the best way for me to move forward with my work was to publish myself so I could control what I get to write and how long it stays in print. My first published book, Violet, started my journey into self-publishing in 2016, and I have traveled the country sharing my work since then.

While I worked at my writing, I also became a teacher of writing. I taught both undergraduate English and public school, as well as running my own workshops for writers. To date, I have worked with hundreds of promising writers as both a teacher and an editor, and because of my own passion and dedication to writing I am proud to be able to make their journeys more fun, and more successful, too.

Now I work as a freelance writer and continue to write fiction novels, though I also write personal growth nonfiction. Ever since I was little, justice has keenly been on my list of interests, and I relentlessly pursued it for myself and others. Over my lifetime I have amassed a large library of my own personal journals which painstakingly examined my inner landscape in an effort to be my best self. I have successfully used writing as a means to heal some of my own traumatic childhood memories, and can say I have overcome devastating despair which has transformed into real happiness.

Once upon a time, I compared myself to Cinderella as she lived a life of misery. For a long time I wanted to be saved until I realized I had to be my own savior. That’s when my entire life turned on a dime. Now I write books to share my strategies for overcoming trauma, depression, fear, and oppression. Like my journals, they are transformative, and the strategies are shared in a way that can work for just about anyone.

Now that I am able to say I am a professional writer, I am delighted to be where I am; on the cusp of such promise, I am eager to see what new joy I can create for myself. I am preparing to embark on a mission to live tiny and start a regenerative farm, which excites me enough to make me giddy. Between that and the music and art I incorporate into my life, I have built myself a life I can truly love.

It makes me happy to share with anyone who feels the pull of creation, storytelling, imagination, art, and the love of progress. This is a real life, a fully-fledged experience bursting with energy and allowing joy to be the magnet for what comes next.

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