Welcome to my digital home. While I begin the adventure of discovering how to support myself as an indie author, I am so glad you came to visit me! This is a new and exciting chapter in my life as I forge a new career as a full time writer in complete control of my own publishing, marketing, and writing. It means I pay people to help me when I need it, I fund my own projects, and I am fully responsible for all aspects of PR and financing. I am a team of one right now, and even though that can be stressful, it is also wonderful. While I was busy sending out query letters to agents and publishers a while back, I discovered that a whole world of new artists existed in the ether of the internet, and when I really thought about it I realized this was the best way for me to get my writing into the world.

Now I can write whatever I want, whenever I want. No contracts, no worries about editors trimming my writing without my permission, no concerns about my book being removed from print because it isn’t making enough money. Of course, it also means no funds for a book tour, no built-in team of experts to help me set up interviews, connect with reviewers, nor anyone to sell my work to the world at large. That’s all up to me now. I feel up to the challenge. Little by little, I plan to build my writing and publishing into a business which makes me happier than being trapped in contracts or relationships that don’t work for me. Instead, I hope to build partnerships with people I love and respect. That’s much more important than any label I could stamp on the spine of my books.

I am interested in building a real community of people who take care of each other. Welcome. Let’s start a movement of human interests, a community of people who know the best way to sustain a business is through happiness and democracy while still seeking a profit. My dream is to offer people writing that features women as heroes, thoughtful themes about diversity and justice, and sharing content which explores equality. This is happening because people like you are helping me, and I am so very grateful you landed here.

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“I enjoyed Violet’s adventures….Can’t wait until the author has another novel out!” ~Nicolette Johnston, publisher of Bed and Breakfast Magazine

“I truly enjoyed this book. It kept my interest to the very end. I hope Violet gets to have another adventure. I will definitely read it if she does!” ~Anna Kreckel

“We read this for our book club and we all loved it! Violet draws you in right from the start and keeps you on your toes until the end! We can’t wait for a sequel!”             ~Kristen Kenney



Reviews for Violet

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