Flying with the Falcon

Writing Freely

Greetings from the wandering gypsies! The above photo was taken in the desert town of Mina, Nevada, where my husband, Michael, and I stayed overnight to visit a state park. The Airstream pictured is our home, which we lovingly call the Aluminum Falcon. Because we live on the road now while Michael works as a travel nurse, he encouraged me to blog about our adventures. The page titled “Flying with the Falcon” is where you will find any updates or stories I decide to share about our travels. Sometimes I post about National Parks, sometimes hiking trails, and occasionally I will even include info about RV parks or local food finds. If it interests you, read away. If you read it a lot, I will humbly request that you consider a donation, as we have bills to pay and mouths to feed and a home to renovate (more on that later). Every dollar helps, even if it’s only a dollar.

For those who do not already know, we are questing to see as many parks as possible while we move from place to place. Whatever knowledge we gain on our visits is happily shared, since we know there is not always a lot of info on the websites for these parks. They do a fairly good job of including maps and general info, but often trail info or campsite pictures are scarce, and sometimes it helps to have a little more detailed knowledge before you head out across the country to see a big park like Yosemite. I know even when I dig for info I don’t always find it, and we just have to figure it out as we explore. Thus, we hope our offerings may make a trip to one of the same parks we have visited a little easier for you to plan. There’s usually a lot of park to see when you head to one of these beautiful spaces, and it can be tough to know what to go see in the time you have available.

Anyway, enjoy the blog, look at the pictures, and share with your friends as much as you like. We are happy to have you join us on our adventures. For those interested in the tiny lifestyle, we are planning to renovate the interior of our Airstream at some point, and we hope to share photos of the exciting transformation of the Falcon. Since we started living in the Airstream, we have been plotting and scheming and drawing all kinds of pictures to decide how we want to make this space our own. We purposefully purchased a used Airstream (1987 Classic Limited, 34 ft length, triple axle, to be exact) because it has always been our intention to tear out the guts and rebuild the interior. Our current plan consists of maintaining the footprint as is to keep things simpler, as the access doors on the exterior cannot be easily moved, and the space as it is should work with a few tweaks. When we get to it, we’ll share what we’re doing for those who are Airstream fanatics (we know you’re out there), and also for those who like the idea of living tiny. Since we started living in the trailer, we have to say we really don’t miss living in a house.

Stay tuned for more posts, and go ahead and read my backlog of posts from a previous website, I had a notion of making “Flying with the Falcon” a publication of its own, but didn’t get any traffic there. Now the Falcon lives here with the rest of my writing exploits. If you happen to be living tiny, own an Airstream, or are interested in the tiny lifestyle, please offer your thoughts in the comment sections below posts about the Airstream. We would love to create a space where people can communicate and share their own travel and living experiences. Feel free to include links to helpful websites or other resources, upload photos, or whatever makes your heart happy. We are all about connecting, so write freely! And by the way, this is meant to be a friendly, respectful, troll-free space. You are welcome to criticize if it’s done with compassion; I like it when people gently nudge me when you find my mistakes. If you notice anyone trolling, please shoot me an email and let me know. I am passionate about people being kind here. 

That’s all, folks. Hope you’re having fun today. If not, go find some. Get out and see something beautiful. Life is better outside. 🙂