Resources, Courses, and Short Stories

Welcome to my intellectual playground. Here you can find short stories (some of which might even be true), email courses on a variety of topics (like prepping for a backpacking trip or using freewriting to find your passion), and other goodies I might find entertaining to share. Some things will be free, and some things are a set price. More is to come, so I thank you for your patience while I bang my head on the computer and pull out my teeth to make the technology work as it should. In the meantime, enjoy what I shared thus far, and later we will have much more fun to explore.


Hiking Haystack: How I Faced My Terror of Heights and Climbed over My Fear

This short story describes a backpacking trip in the Adirondacks of New York, during which I climbed my first mountain in spite of a debilitating phobia of heights. Learn how I conquered my paralysis with the help of my husband and son, who patiently helped me achieve the summit on a trip rife with setbacks. Find out how we dealt with an ankle injury, hiking the wrong trail into the park, and a bear in our camp. This story is free to download.

Hiking Haystack


Take a Hike! How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip

Are you a novice backpacker who would like to know how to prep yourself for the trail? Check out my course to learn how to prepare yourself, from how to get in shape, what food to eat, the gear you need, how to handle animal visits in the wild, and much more. This course is delivered to you via email over a five-day period, and is available for a purchase of $1.00 because I want this information to be affordable for anyone.

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