Violet is my first published work as an indie author. The book is a paranormal mystery which features a middle-aged school teacher as the heroine living in a small town of Western New York State. I have included the jacket info here, and below I offer sample chapters to read for free. To purchase either the paperback or ebook, click the link in the sidebar, which will take you to my Amazon author page.

Violet seems like an ordinary mother who works as an elementary teacher for a living, but most people don’t know a secret she shares only with a few…she’s psychic. Because she has visions and dreams about troubling situations, she often finds herself in uncanny predicaments, uncertain circumstances, and even downright odd experiences, but never really dangerous. Violet knows her visions are only things she sees in her mind and can’t affect her physically, but she begins to wonder about a figure which keeps appearing with a menacing air. Somehow she also finds herself getting involved in a business relationship with a haunted house, even though she doesn’t believe in ghosts. Suddenly her world is turned on its head as she begins to unwind the strange truth of the dark, frightening figure, and as she begins to question whether or not ghosts really exist. Violet takes the ordinary life of a family-oriented woman and makes it other-worldly as she unfolds the mystery of an abused child, a woman murdered in the past, and a death close to home which affects Violet’s family in the most unexpected of ways.

Want to test the water before leaping into the pool? Here is a free sample of my book, VioletViolet sample chapters.