How to Be Afraid and Do It Anyway

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Fear. It’s part of everyone’s life at one point or another. We all have to face fear. Some people embrace it with an almost reckless abandon to free-climb granite cliffs, race cars, or do stunts for a living. Others find fear utterly debilitating–those who suffer from phobias which prevent them from enjoying life. Whether your fear is out of control panic or the pressure of daily anxiety, it comes from the same place. If you find yourself stuck and can’t get past the fear to be able to complete normal, everyday tasks, or if you have to avoid certain activities because your fear keeps you prisoner, this book can help. I have faced many fears in my life, big and small, and with the help of people who gave me loving support, I triumphed over my fears to be free of the effects of literally paralyzing terror. The intention of this short handbook is to help others learn how to have the same freedom I gained through a combination of exposure therapy, meditation, writing, and patience. Fear does not need to control you. Rather than wait for someone to save you, save yourself. You have everything you need to set yourself free.

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