Freelancing: Copy Writing

“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

~Maya Angelou, excerpt from her poem “Human Family”

I help organizations and publications whose focus is working for equality to effectively communicate their missions and gain traffic through engaging, informative, professional web pages and blog posts.

Who I help: Human rights and gender equity organizations, corporations working toward mindfully inclusive work places, publications which publish articles or stories about human rights or gender equity, and individuals working to change oppressive systems.

How I help: I write well-researched, fact-based blog posts and create web page content around human rights and gender equity issues focused on the client’s specific mission and goals. The intention is to utilize the philosophy and personality of the existing organization or individual as a foundation for gaining traffic and encouraging curious visitors to engage and get involved.

If you’re part of the growing community working hard to help make equality a reality, you probably find it difficult to make time to write about the work you do.

If you’re an organizer, maybe you love planning events, but writing about them sounds about as good as going to the dentist.

Maybe you’re a human resources associate and you have been charged with changing the language on your company’s website to be more inclusive, but the web is loaded with daunting information and you don’t know where to begin.

I can help with that.

My background: I have been practicing writing for over 30 years, served as an English instructor for over ten years, have written and taught countless workshops and courses on writing, am a dedicated author and blogger, and have been a life-long researcher and participant in human rights and gender equity work. I believe equality for all is the answer to what ails the world, and I believe my service as a writer can help bring attention to this noble cause.

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