“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

~Maya Angelou, excerpt from her poem “Human Family”

Who do I help?

If you’re dedicated, focused, and your goal is to better the world with your message, I am here for you.

If you have clear intentions, you are compassionate, and you are driven, I can help you.

If you are ready to embrace your strengths, build on your experiences, and learn you have everything you need to succeed right now, I am in your corner.

How do I help?

  • I assist individuals with coaching them through writing books as indie authors. I will not write your book for you, but I will help you make it the best possible book you deserve to publish by honoring your voice and message. This is your stage, and you earned the right to be in the spotlight. I accept only very dedicated authors for this one-on-one work, and I am choosy because my time is valuable. You may use the “contact me” page to request coaching.
  • If you have a business with a blog, you need content on your web pages, you need an editor for work you’ve already written, or need an ebook to help your clients better engage with you, I can serve you. Please see my PDF below for all the pricing and services I offer for businesses. When you are ready, you may use the “contact me” page to request my help as a freelancer.
  • Individuals seeking to better themselves as writers, or who feel ready to better their lives through writing can take one of my online courses, invite me to give a workshop, or book me for a keynote address. I love an audience that enjoys participation during an event, and I will put you to work if you come to a workshop or lecture I offer. Please use the “contact me” page to request me for an event.

Risk-free guarantee: if I help you and you don’t get results, I will refund your money. Show me your sales analytics. If your sales show little to no movement, I will give it all back.

Book a free consultation! You may contact me by email at: or click here to link to my calendar to book a free consultation.

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Read My Pitch:

Writing is my wheelhouse. It’s where I feel most myself. I have been practicing as a writer for over 30 years, and I will practice writing until the day I die. No matter how long you write, all of it is practice, and we all have room for improvement. I am a published author, a trained teacher, an experienced speaker, continue to be a good student of the craft, and I love sharing my knowledge to help people. When I see people struggling to write, my compassionate side wants to run to the rescue. So many people struggle with writing, and it shouldn’t be happening if you live in a country where education is free…but it does.

This is why I coach authors, write for businesses, teach workshops, offer courses, and share writing tips online. You may not consider yourself a writer, and you may even hate having to write, but writing is still a part of modern life. To have a successful business, to engage with clients, to land a job, to impress your supervisor…all these things require good writing techniques which persuade, tell a story, and give a clear vision of your goal. Without solid technique, your efforts may fall flat, even if you’re a rock star of whatever it is you do.

What’s so clear to me is that every single one of us has value. Every human being on this planet has a mission to accomplish during his or her lifetime, whether we realize it or not. I believe every life matters, and if I can help you tell your story, share your message, and reach the hearts of your audience, then I have offered a valuable service. That is my goal, and that is one of my purposes in life: to help people communicate their value through writing.

Over the years of my writing career, I have taught thousands of people, from third grade to retirement age, how to improve their writing. From beginners to dedicated writers, I consider it my challenge to make a writer’s voice come through loud and clear, rather than try to hone writing to suit my own style and tone. It’s not my job to make you sound like me; it’s my job to make you sound like you. Whether you’re writing a book to gain more business or to entertain, it’s your style and tone I want to bring out of your work. If you’re a writer who needs inspiration to get back on the writing wagon, it’s my job to help you see the reasons why YOU want to write, not the reasons why I, your instructor, am writing.

Whether you decide to hire me as a freelancer, a coach, an instructor, or you purchase one of my books, my goal is to serve you, to help you see what your contribution to the world looks like in writing, or to provide you a service which educates you to be better. I value the equity of every voice, and it is my honor to help writers of every stripe become their best selves on the page. It is also my honor to offer my own stories with themes of equality, justice, and love, because I believe giving those messages to the world makes the world a better place.

If you are a person who perseveres through difficult experiences, who makes time for growing your dreams no matter what else is happening, I know we can work together. If you are focused, hungry, and ready to meet the challenge of growing your business, you are in the right place. If you want to pull yourself up by your bootstraps because you know there’s a better life waiting for you right on the other side of the thoughts in your head, I’m glad we found each other. I’ve been waiting for you. You’re ready. Let’s get started on the rest of your life.