Comments on the Content

One word: respect. Please respect the rights of all here who wish to comment, to share, or to discuss content on my site, even if you suspect that individual is a raccoon. In all seriousness, I do expect all who visit here to feel welcome and to be treated with kindness and courtesy. I will trust that those interested in the content I share to be thoughtful about what we all say to each other, no matter what happens on social media of other types. Here I hope to create a space where we remember that every single one of us is a person with feelings, a meaningful life, an important journey to take, and insights which are valid. Remember to think before you comment, and ask yourself if you believe what you are about to share will uplift the conversation or cause it to devolve into negativity. Really ask yourself, and then post away. I love hearing from anyone and everyone, especially if that means we have a diverse bunch of people sharing what matters to them. And I’ll even allow the raccoons a turn, unless they bring the trash to the table.

Disclosure about Content

First, regardless of what I review on my site, I do not get paid by anyone to say what I say about businesses or services rendered. If I like a restaurant, a shop, or a park, and then I write about it positively, it’s because I actually like it. I try to avoid posting negative comments about anyone’s business, since that’s not my bag. Still, just so you know, I share things that make me happy in case someone else might enjoy it, too.

I promote my own work on my website, such as my writing and art, and for that, people pay me. Well, I get paid for the books I have listed for sale. I do share free content, and in that content I might mention products I like. Nobody pays me for those comments. See above paragraph. If any of that changes, I promise I will tell you everything. Transparency is important, and I have nothing to hide. I am not a bandit of the night, but I am a night owl. Those are different things entirely.


If you have signed up for my email list, follow my blog, or follow me on social media, I keep that information to myself. I will never share your personal information with anyone else. Period. Stories you share in confidence in our groups online will remain that way (and here I refer more to email, which is more confidential and personal), but I will apply that across the board. Your story belongs to you, not to me. Your information is yours, not mine. I also promise if anything were to happen which might compromise your information in any way, I will let you know immediately. Not that I expect such a thing, but you never know. I mean, we have pirates and bandits everywhere in the world. Of course, I hope if it becomes glaringly obvious that somehow your info has been hacked you will share this information with me. I like fixing things, and I will take care of it if the problem is on my end. All good? Fair enough. If you think I missed anything, shoot me a message through my “Contact” page.