Titles Are Overrated

Titles Are Overrated

Okay, titles aren’t really overrated. I actually put that there because I was struggling with setting up my website (not my favorite thing to do), and it took too long to figure out how to retitle my uncategorized page. Titles actually are important for most of my writing, as it often comes down to a word or phrase that encapsulates an entire work. Imagine that. A whole novel in a word. That’s a big deal. In any case, I may occasionally write about writing here. I have plenty to share about my own writing experiences, and what I learned from teaching writing for many, many years. What I know for certain is that if you want to be a writer, you absolutely must get out that writing tool (whether electronic or analog), and write. Practice is the only way you will improve, but let me warn you that practice will not make you perfect. It will make you better, and for the rest of your life you will keep getting better if you keep writing. The end. It’s really that simple. Now go practice.

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